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is an organization of people with disabilities and their friends and as such has been actively operating since 1994. In 1997 it was registered as a non-governmental organization.

We are very actively involved in the process of social integration and are working on implementing the UN guidelines in Latvia thus promoting equal opportunities for the people with disabilities in Latvia.

Our main goal is the integration of people with disabilities in the society as well as creating more accepting attitude towards them from the general public.

For reaching this goal we operate using different methods, such as:
In order to achieve general integration we try to work on different aspects of the integration:
Gathering and spreading information. In 2004 we created the “VAR Centre” (Environment, Training and Resources). In Latvian VAR means CAN, because through this centre people with disabilities can find all the necessary information regarding legislative situation, accessible environment, human rights, citizenship, social services etc. VAR’s aim is to increase people with disabilities’ awareness of their rights and to improve the process of integration in the society.

Establishment of partnership and cooperation. We cooperate with many local governments, NGO’s and in 2002 established a network of NGO’s. Through cooperation and sharing of knowledge, recourses and the experience we are able to create common strategy and provide a wide network of information for people with disabilities.

Researches and monitoring. In 2000 we implemented a research about “Human Rights of People with Disabilities in Latvia” and in 2002 we promoted  “Monitoring of the social services of the people with disabilities in order to ensure the civil participation”. Thanks to these initiatives for the first time in Latvia there were some reports about the real living conditions and human rights situation of people with disabilities

Involvement of people and their ideas in the organization. Our doors are always opened for all our volunteers and persons who want to contribute to projects and activities in course. We strongly believe that the active participation of motivated persons in our organization is a precious source of new ideas.


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