18.10.2018 - Thursday
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Seminar in Kaliningrad

From January 26 until January 29 partners from Latvia, Sweden, Finland and Denmark will share good practise examples and educate representatives from non-governmental organisations from Kaliningrad in order to start democratic processes and activities.

During four days Scandinavian and Latvian partners of project "Human Rights - Way to Democracy" will share experience with more than 20 participants from different NGO's from Kaliningrad. Main focus in the seminar will be on such themes as Education, Accessible environment, Employment as well as Involvement. During interactive work participants will gain understanding of steps which each country mainly in non-governmental sector have done to achieve currant situation in country. Also how countries have achieved democratic attitude towards people with disabilities as well as people with disabilities involvement in processes of defending their own interests and rights.

At the end of seminar participants will create action plan for three months during which they will realize 3 different activities in order to strengthen human rights in Kaliningrad. Financial support for these activities will be granted from the budget of the project.

Good luck in seminar!


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